red engine preheaterThis clever little engine preheater fits inside your car’s engine bay compartment and features an internal 1200 litre per hour water pump. Once plumbed into your car’s coolant system and plugged into mains electric, it will preheat the car’s engine within around 15-20 minutes!

This means:

  • reduction of engine wear by as much as 20% on short journeys
  • much longer engine life (cold starts are the biggest culprit for causing wear inside the engine’s cylinder bores)
  • vastly reduced fuel consumption – some users have reported savings of up to £25 a month in fuel costs
  • demisters and heater work straight away when you get in the car!

Engine Preheater Specification

  • 2kw Heating Element
  • Integral Pump
  • Automatic Thermal Cut Off
  • 1200 l/hr Flow Rate
  • 220-240v
  • 16mm (5/8″) Inlet/Outlet Diameter
  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction
  • Dims: 125 x 85 x 75mm – Very compact & easy to install in a cramped engine compartment

hose clips

The AutoHeat preheater is supplied with a European plug, however most customers install electrical bulkhead connectors on the bumper and do not require a UK plug.

To plumb into the car’s coolant system, all you need is two 16mm T-pieces, some hose clips and some 16mm / 5/8″ heater hose (not supplied). The T pieces are to allow coolant to flow around the unit when not in operation, preserving the car’s original flow path.

Full instructions on installation are included and free after-sales support is on-hand if you get stuck. Please note this is for our customers only; we’re receiving emails from people who have purchased preheaters from other vendors that don’t tell them how to install units or give any after-sales support, unfortunately we can only help you if you’ve bought a genuine unit from us.

Price: £99 + £8.50 UK delivery  now only £85 delivered in our Autumn sale!

All red bodied preheaters go out next day delivery with Royal Mail, however please allow 5 to 10 working days for other colour options.

For international orders, please contact us to find out the postage amount (for most European destinations, it’s around £14).

Currently out of stock.